Seems walk into the forest of Totoro, Xitou Forest Park

Xitou is not a place that tour groups will choose. If you are traveling to Taiwan with a group, you may can not get there! So why I came to this remote place this day? Hike in forest!

Although Xitou is a small town, there are many interesting places! The most distinctive sight is its Monster Village. If you like nature, you can go to Xitou Forest Park to enjoy a forest bath, and my favorite is the mysterious Forget -Wangyou Forest, a short distance away from Xitou.

Let me show you the Xitou Forest Park! From the map, you can see that the area of the park is very large, and you need to reserve more time to fully explore!

Taiwan is a subtropical island, and rain is particularly abundant, which also makes it have vast forests! Xitou Forest Park is an experimental forest of Taiwan University. It is planted with a variety of plants and ancient trees. The forest is often foggy, making the forest more fairytale, and it seems that you have entered the forest of Totoro! If it is summer evening, you also will see fireflies~

Under the towering giant trees, people seem so small~

The bamboo house built in the bamboo forest used to be Chiang Kai-shek’s hall, but now the door is closed and not open to the public. From the outside, you can see that the bamboo house surrounds the house with bamboo, which make it integrate into the nature.

There are some trails in the forest area that have obviously been unattended for a long time.

This cedar forest has been here for more than half a century, and park staffs have set up an aerial corridor here so that tourists can watch the forest in midair. The corridor is more than 20 meters from the ground, which is equivalent to 7 floors. Although it is not a glass bottom, the hollow iron mesh can still see the ground, if someone fear of heights ,they may scare to walk!

The forest is ecologically diverse, and if you are lucky you may see squirrels running in front of you! If you want to visit this place, remember not to wear shorts and take anti-mosquito measures!

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