Do you want to have a walk with monsters?

There is a street in Taiwan, no matter where you go, there are always monsters by your side! But don’t be afraid, these monsters are very cute, definitely a place where childlike guys love~

Whether it is a shop or restaurant, it is very abnormal. Um… just look at the pictures!

Is it cute? No matter what you say, anyway, I think it’s super cute. If it’s really alive, I’d love to have one!

Will you scare to sit in this monster bus?

Do you have been attracted? Do you want to know where this is?

Okay, let me tell you where this is! The name here is Monster Village, is it a very straightforward name? Although this is called a village, it is actually a monster-themed commercial street. It is also a relatively small attraction in Taiwan. It is not easy to get there by bus, so tourists are not too many.

Below is their post office ! The post office here is called the Monster Post Office, does it have a strong Japanese style? In fact, not just the post office, the whole monster village is Japanese style.

The founder here is a Taiwanese named Song Lin Shengyi. During the Japanese occupation, he was a ranger here. His employer is a Japanese named Kubota. They have a deep friendship.

After the Second World War , Kubota returned to Japan and donated the fir forest to Song Lin Shengyi. To commemorate this friendship, Song Lin founded the Monsters Village and Kubota Bakery.

The Japanese architectural style is to present the historical situation of the Japanese occupation era. As for the monster style, because Kubota’s hometown is Tottori, Tottori has a Kitaro monster village, so the monsters here also have a feeling of Kitaro.

There is a pray machine outside the post office. After entering TWD 10, Tengu will go and give you a stick !

The postboxes here are also very cute!

The buildings in the village are full of Japanese style, especially after the lights on at night, here are not normal street lights. The lights are all lanterns, some lanterns are with a very monster style!

The goods here are also very unique, even just buy it for a decoration, I thought is a good idea.

There are also a cinema in the Monster Village. Of course, the movies here will not be normal! Monster Village has its own unique movie. Only this one, no semicolon! Then let’s see what movies are there?

That’s right, this is a tens of millions of masterpieces, and the much-anticipated summer shit! It’s not my vulgarity, this is how the poster is written! Do you have a feeling that “Errrr…”?

Okay, after talking about shit, Errr…no, it’s a masterpiece, let’s talk about food! Will you eat fried eyes in the monster village? Steamed ears? Pan-fried giblets? Those are…none, although the names will be strange, but the food is still normal… I thought!

The most famous shop here is Kubota Bakery! This shop has long queues every day with a kind of bread called biting cat. Biting cat is not a cat, it is a kind of grass, it seems that it will itch when you touch it.

The filling of the bite cat bread is smoked meat and cheese. It tastes good. It is only baked three times a day. There is a limit of two per person. You should taste it.

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