A mystery fairyland , Wangyou Forest

Today I want to show you a secret place in Taiwan , please see below picture .

This place was originally a virgin forest beside Shanlin Creek. After the 921 earthquake, the river was blocked by clay and rock collapse and a swamp was formed. The tall cedars also necrosis due to long-term soaking, but it formed a special scenery!

And here the mist is all day long, the deep and hazy fir forest is like a fairyland!

However, you need to be mentally prepared to go there. There are not many shuttles there (self-driving is another matter), and not many bus to way back . The slopes of the mountain are very steep. They are more than 45 degrees ! Otherwise, do you think why it could become a secret spot?!

Starting from the Monster Village (Xitou Bus Station), take the bus to Shanlinxi and tell the driver that you are going to the Wangyou Forest, he will let you get off at the mountaineering entrance of the Wangyou Forest!

When you arrive at the mountaineering entrance, you can choose to take the local private car to up to the mountain, or you can walk up the mountain like me, holding the spirit of a sportsman!

The tea garden on the roadside, when you arrive this tea garden indicates that the road is almost finished, and it is time to start hiking! There is a small blue-green house next to the tea garden.

Do you see the blue-green house in front? The path next to the house is the main access road to Wangyou Forest!

The path between tea garden and blue house !

There’s also a road sign in front of the blue house.

Around 10 minutes later, you will found this amazing scene, and can’t wait to get closer !

It is really nice to take pictures here, especially when it’s foggy.

An uncle told me that I am very lucky. This place is so beautiful only when there is water fill up, and the wet season is generally from June to October. When I came, it was only May, but it was just rained the day before, so there was water here. If I came one day earlier , I can’t get this amazing view! lucky~

After kill the phone memory, we should try to leave as soon as possible, because there have Kumas~~~ (Don’t be alarmist!!!)

In fact, because the fog will rise after noon on the mountain, and it is very strong, the mountain road will become dangerous, so it is better to leave early!

The road when I left, it was not yet reach 12 o’clock, already so foggy! So if you want to visit here , come as early as you can!

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