Day trip to Taroko in Hualien, visit the jelly-like Qixingtan

This day ,I did a very stupid thing. I went to Hualien direct from Taichung! Why is this stupid? Because I originally intended a round trip in Taiwan without back road, Taichung and Hualien are very close in map, I thought that visit Hualien first and then go to Taipei without going back!

However, I never imagined that there is no bus between Taichung and Hualien! From Taichung to Hualien, we must first go north to Taipei and then south to Hualien, and it took a long time! This is the consequence of not planning!

In Hualien, you should visit the Taroko! Taroko is the back garden of Hualien, there are many trails to choose , and one day is absolutely not enough! You can choose one or two to walk. It is recommended to take the Shakadang Trail. The total length is 4.5 kilometers one way. You need to turn back at the end, so a round trip is 9 kilometers!

Before arriving in Shakadang, you will come to a xiaozhuilu trail that was newly opened in November 2015. The trail is very short, about 600 meters, but there is a very unique suspension bridge. The width of this suspension bridge can only be passed by one person, so it can only be entered from one direction and out from the other direction, otherwise it will be bad if it collides!

The Shakadang Trail is the longest trail in Taroko, originally called “Mystic Valley Walkway”. Shakadang is the meaning of the Atayal language “molar teeth”. It is said that the Atayal ancestors dug the molars during reclamation.

The trail was along the mountain wall, so be careful of your head when walking, and don’t hit! There will be water seepage in some places, and an umbrella is a good choice!

At the end of the trail, you can soak your feet in the creek. After walking 4.5 kilometers on a hot day, soaking your feet in the icy stream is definitely a great enjoyment!

Travellers who do not drive can go to Taroko to buy one-day or two-day coupons for the Taroko Line in Taiwan. They can get on and off the bus unlimited times, and they can be bought at the new station of Hualien Passenger Transport (the front left of Taiwan Railway Hualien Station) , One-day ticket TWD250, two-day ticket TWD400.

Taiwan’s Taroko Line also passes through Qixing Lake. You can go there if you have time. The water is beautiful, like jelly!

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