Jiufen, an ancient hill town

Jiufen, a small hill town known for Spirited Away! And my feeling after visiting is that no wonder that the people in the small town are not fat! Every day go out is a hiking, how to get fat?

Of course, snacks are indispensable when visit Taiwan. The impression that Taiwan gives me is eating any time, and I don’t need to think about where to go for the next meal, because I eat all day, three meals per day? nonexistent!

There are two famous taro balls shop in Jiufen. The reason why I chose Anti Gan taro balls is because there is an invincible sea view here, you can enjoy the view while eating! (Just the glass a bit dirty…)

Ashamed to say, this is the first time I tasted taro balls and discovers a shocking secret! Taro balls are iced! ! ! (To be honest, I didn’t know that taro balls were iced before. I always thought it was a kind of dessert!) It tastes very Q, and won’t be too hard, also it relieves heat. I like it!

Wheel cake, this is another snack that surprised me! There is a lot of stuffing inside, when you eat, the full stuffing is melted in the mouth, super satisfied!

Jiufen is a small town suitable for visiting at night. Only at night will there be a view of Spirited Away! The Amei Tea House is where every visitor to Jiufen must visit! However, the business inside is not as good as the opposite teahouse, because the appearance of the teahouse just can be photographed across the street! (Teach you how to help your competitors to improve their business~)

Shengping Theater, a highly recommended spot! The furnishings and ticket office inside retain exactly what they were! The small retro shop makes you feel like come back to the old time! Shengping Theater is still in operation, watch an ancient movie inside, feel the life of old time!

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