Impression for some Taiwan local snakes

Taiwan is full of wonderful food, and there are night markets everywhere. It can be said that the most worry-free thing in Taiwan is to eat! This time I want to talk about my impression for some Taiwan local snacks.

  1. Coffin board(棺材板)

The name sounds a little unlucky, the older generation may not order it! This is a fried bread fill by corn, squid, chicken and other fillings, and some white stuff, it looks a bit disgusting!

Holding a spirit of adventurer , I took a bite and found that, Huh? It’s delicious! It’s sweet and salty, it is a delicious level in dark cuisine, recommended!

  1. Stinky tofu

Taiwan’s stinky tofu is different from Changsha. Changsha has one side that is black , so when look at it, I feel resistance. It is also different from the stinky tofu in Shaoxing. Shaoxing’s looks soft and juicy.

The stinky tofu in Taiwan is dry and fried, and the tofu is tender, it will not be very stinky, let me have the first try! When I taste, the softness inside and crispy outside makes me immediately impression for stinky tofu, it is delicious! But I can’t finish one by myself.

  1. Salt Crispy Chicken

This is awesome! I love it! very delicious!

I bought from the founding shop of Taiwanese Salt Crispy Chicken. That’s the most original taste ! I fell in love as soon as I tasted! I found that many people in Taiwan can make salted chicken by themselves. Some of my Taiwanese friends made it for me later that, and it was also the same delicious! It’s a national cuisine!

  1. Oyster fried

This… I don’t know if I went to the wrong place, I feel too greasy! If have chance I will try to taste another shop and try to change my impression. But the oysters are delicious!

  1. Miso cookies

This is a century-old shop in Tainan. It insists on making cookies with an antique machine. It has now been passed to the fourth generation. It insists on making by hand, so that you can eat the real ancient taste!

Because this shop is handmade, the daily amount is not much, and each person can only buy 2 bags per day. The taste is not the same as the current cookies, a bit hard!

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