Shanghai 1933 Old Millfun, the former slaughterhouse

The 1933 Old Millfun, looked in industrial style. If I don’t tell you, would you think that such a modern place used to be a bloody slaughterhouse?

The layers of artistically paths used to be cattle roads ,for livestock! There are a total of 5 floors here, and it was the largest and most modern slaughterhouse in eastern Asia. At present, there are only three slaughterhouse of this size in the world!

The labyrinth design gave people a sense of adventure when walking inside. Running Man(Chinese) also took a fancy to the intricate path here, which was recorded here. The multi-level structure also makes many photographers love here!

1933 Old Millfun still keeps the confinement rooms in the old time, the cattle to be slaughtered are kept there, and it looks a bit like a prison! Maybe you can explore here to find more marks of the old slaughterhouse.

The former slaughterhouse has now settled in many unique shops, and there are performances and events from time to time. It is a good place to spend time!

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