A special photography exhibition in Suzhou, a joke with the staff

I have always felt that art is something I can’t understand, so there is always no article about art in my blog. But this time I want to tell you about a very special photography exhibition.

On this day, we were walking on Pingjiang Road in Suzhou and encountered a free photography exhibition. Since my friend interested in art, we went in and visited!

The special thing about this photography exhibition is that the venue is dark, and you need a flashlight to enter. When you put flashlight focus on a photo, you can see what the photographer wants to express.

A normal beach photo, when you light it with a flashlight, it immediately becomes a sunrise on the sea, just like magic!

This photo of tree, illuminated by a flashlight, turned into a beautiful morning view by the lake!

For the first time, I found that art can be easy to understand, and art can be displayed in such a special way.

BTW , I want to talk a joke before we enter the exhibition.(Not sure if you can understand.)

At the entrance of the photography exhibition, the exhibition staff heard us speak Cantonese, and then asked us in English “are you from Thailand?”(Because they can understand Cantonese.) We answered her “No” in Mandarin.

Then she said to the person next to her, “I don’t know what language they speaking.”

Then I answered her in Mandarin very nice, “We speaking Cantonese .”(in Mandarin is “yue yu”)

Then I heard her say to the person next to her, “I can’t speak their language!” I said to her very nice, “We can speak Mandarin”

Then she said, “You Vietnamese can speak our language?”(Vietnam in Mandarin is “yue nan”)

“…We are Cantonese!”

Then I kept hearing them saying that we are Thai…


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