Xitang, rainy day is more suitable for the ancient town

Having been to Wuzhen, actually I like Wuzhen more than Xitang. I feel that Xitang is more commercial. But Xitang is more resident than Wuzhen, and it is more like a living ancient town!

There are not many visitor in Xitang in the early morning, so you can feel the beauty of Xitang! There are ancient houses and ancient bridges everywhere in Xitang. For people like us who live in the modern city, our eyes are like eating dessert, feels refreshing!

It is said that Xitang has a total of 24 ancient stone bridges on 9 rivers. In addition to walk between the bridges, you can also choose a Wupeng boat to shuttle around in the river and enjoy the ancient town from another angle.

The wooden window tells a long history. In this ever-changing world, the simplicity of ancient times is kept. Perhaps this is the meaning of the ancient town being preserved!

Xitang is more flavorful at night, with a string of red lanterns hanging by the river, and the faint light will not make people feel glaring. Like all Jiangnan ancient towns, it is quietly in a corner. You see it or not, it is still there, and live its own life.

The restaurants by river are the most popular places, enjoying a dinner by the river is the way many tourists will choose. If you want to get this kind of enjoyment in big cities , you need to pay a high price. But you can have this kind of enjoyment anywhere when you come to an ancient town and find a restaurant at random~

Xitang is more charming when it rains. The rain makes the ancient town cover a hazy veil, which makes people feel the beauty while being unable to see the whole picture.

The rain has made the streets more quiet, and without the crowds coming and going. The ancient town seems to be restored to its original simplicity. Simply just as an ancient town, not a scenic spot, makes people want to explore its pure side.

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