It was a tragedy on the first day of arrival in Australia! ! ! (Some tips about first time to Australia)


After a whole day of flying and transfer flights, I finally arrived Australia! Before that, I had never thought that I would come to Australia, and I had never even thought about traveling.

However, in Mainland China, the only countries allow to apply working holiday visa just New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand is too difficult to apply. Australia has more quota and easier to apply, I must catch this chance!

However, my suitcase broke on the first day I arrived in Melbourne, and I had to use it for at least a whole year! There is no way to drag it anymore. and carrying such a large box for a whole year, even just think about that , I feel tired !

The first thing to do when arrived the airport is to get a local phone card. There are three telecom companies in Australia, Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone.

Telstra has the best signal and can be used in almost all of Australia, but the cost is slightly expensive. Optus can’t be used in some remote mountain areas, but the price is moderate, and there are discounts in some times. Vodafone is the cheapest, but the signal coverage is not as good as the previous two.

I chose Optus. There is no reason, because once I left the airport, I saw Optus’s shop and there was a long line. I originally wanted to buy Telstra.

I took the Sky bus to Southern Cross Station, which is the train station in the center of Melbourne and a transit station for Melbourne to the suburbs!

I am a prudent person, so I am afraid I would not find a job when I came to Australia, so I look for it before I leave China ! So now I have to go directly to my work place Mildura from Southern Cross Station! However, the car will not leave until evening. I haven’t slept all day, and because the suitcase broken, I can’t go anywhere, I can only sit at the station till night!

When I first came to Australia, I was so surprised to see these birds, they are not afraid of people. They would also grab food from people. It is impossible to see such a harmonious picture in China!

I don’t know who left this bag of coins. There are coins of many countries, such as Australian dollars, US dollars, Indonesian rupiahs, and Euros. It should be forgotten here by a collector. I didn’t move the bag of money so that he could find it when he came back. I wonder if he came back to look for it.

Hungry Jack in Australia is a fast food restaurant such as McDonald’s and KFC. The packages are so cheap, and such a large package is only AUD 5.95. If you download their app, you can shake it and maybe you will get a free Coke or French fries~

It’s finally night, this is the bus to Mildura! It takes 8 hours from Melbourne to Mildura! I will keep sharing what happened after I arrived tomorrow~

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