My grape picking job in Australia

Working in the vineyard, we need to get up before dawn! For me, who always sleeps until noon, I felt so healthy during this period!

Picking grapes is not as easy as imagined, at least for a careful and serious person like me! The bunches of red grapes hanging on the tree look delicious, and I really ate a lot!

We are not just pick the grapes and put in boxes. The rotten ones need to be picked away. When put them in boxes, the branches should be down to make the grapes stand up.

Grapes have a small white bug called mini bug, which must be cut off, otherwise it will grow to the entire box soon. If the grapes on the trees have mini bugs, they will spread to the nearby grapes. One day , we cut all day , but almost drop all of them , because all with mini bugs.

Serious and careful people like me spend a lot of time in the process of cutting rotten fruits and mini bugs. So normally , I just can finish around 13 boxes every day, but other guys can finish 30 boxes every day. Because it is piecework, I didn’t have many income during this period~

But this period was fun, work in a very relaxing environment every day. After job , we will share the experience of picking grapes and make a little progress every day!

One day we saw a kangaroo stealing grapes. This is the first time I saw a kangaroo in Australia. I was so excited! But once we got close, he ran away~

The March in Mildura, it was cold when we went to work in the early morning, I wore three layer of clothes. but it was very hot again at noon, but I still wore those three clothes. In such hot weather, drink an ice cola, kimoji ~

Gloves are not allowed when picking grapes, because the fruit powder on the grapes will be wiped off. At the beginning, I was wearing them when picking, but I always cut them, and sometimes accidentally cut my hands.

Later, I decided to remove the gloves ,just let it go. My hands were always dirty after work , the first thing to do after get off work is to wash hands. The delicate hands in the past gradually disappeared, but fortunately I am not so care about that~

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