Fengjian Water Village, a water village in Guangdong

I was thought that Jiangnan water village means the area of Zhejiang, but there are also water village in Guangdong! Fengjian Water Village, someone said this is the Zhouzhuang in Guangdong, but we must compare to other place? Why we can’t just focus on the feature of itself?

To be honest, Fengjian does not so quaint as Jiangsu and Zhejiang, but it is one of the rare water villages in Guangdong. It combines the increasingly modern development, and retains part of the ancient way of life, ancient and modern coexistence. It’s good to have a walk on weekends, taste the double layered milk pudding, away from the busy city. But here is a bit commercialized~

Once enter, there is a commercial street, advertised as Daliang double-layer milk pudding, fried milk, ginger milk pudding, all kinds of milk! There are also various ginger candies, chickee biscuits, and yam biscuits. But you also can find it in other place of Guangdong , it’s not necessary to buy here. Unless you are not a Cantonese, you may be interested in it!

The wine shop is more attractive to me. The ancient wine bottles are painted with various colorful patterns, which are very beautiful! You can try the wine here. If you are satisfied after drinking , you can decide whether to buy it! Peach Blossom wine is the most famous here, and after I tried it, I really found it to be delicious, full-bodied, fragrant and sweet~

The characteristic of water towns is that it does not visit by land, but by water. Of course, boats are indispensable! boats in Fengjian are charge by boat, 150 yuan for small boats and 250 yuan for large boats. If there are few people, it is suitable for boat sharing.

Although the river is not deep, the boats are equipped with life jackets, so you don’t have to worry about falling into the water, just a bit less poetic~

This small village ever have 13 Jinshi, but the old Jinshi Archway has been run down. The luxurious black background gold inlaid archway was newly built a few years ago!

Of course, many ancient buildings are also preserved here, and the most is the ancestral hall! The ancestral hall is a place where families worship their ancestors, and most of the ones that have survived to this day have a long history!

There are some dragon boat in the ancestral hall with cool patterns on the bottom of the boat. But these should not be used for races.

The dragon boats used for races are usually kept under water. Because there is less oxygen in the the water, can play an anti-oxidant effect. Moreover, the dragon boat used for races will not have such a cool pattern on the bottom of the boat. Who can see it in the water? right?

Met an old man washing ginger by the river, this should be their habit inherited from their childhood! Otherwise, now all houses has tap water, who will keep washing by the river? But the thing that puzzles us is , will he wash again after come back ?

Although these are small rivers, there are a lot of fish ! If the residents here want to catch fish , they just need to go out their houses , it’s very convenient ! Someday they don’t have enough money to buy meal , they can catch some fish outside their houses ! Fresh and delicious~

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