Qinghui Garden, rainy day is the best time to visit an ancient garden

Guangdong also have ancient gardens. Qinghui Garden is one of the four major gardens in Guangdong! And it is not inferior to the gardens of Jiangsu and Zhejiang!

Qinghui Garden was originally the private residence of Huang Shijun in the Ming Dynasty. But it gradually declined during the Qing Dynasty and was later taken over by the surname Long.

After that, it was renovated drastically. Rockery and flowing water, pavilions, and even private schools in the garden. It is said that after being taken over by the surname Long, there are 5 champions here. How importance of Feng Shui!

This Inkstone Private School was the private school used by the children of the Long family to study at that time, and was built during the Daoguang period. The tables and chairs, pen, ink, paper and inkstone are all historical relics. It rained heavily on the day we went, there was not enough light, and there were no light pipes inside, just the faint light provided by the two lanterns! Is this to preserve its ancient appearance?


Many long corridors to connect each part of the garden, so there is no need to worry about getting wet even in rainy days. And sitting in the corridors or pavilion to enjoy the rain scene has a special flavor~


This kind of window is called “Manchurian window.” Qianlong sent the soldiers to Guangzhou and they became the representative of the nobles in Guangzhou. The windows of their house are Manchurian windows of this style.

Later, Guangzhou became richer and richer, and a large number of stained glass was import in Guangzhou in the late Qing Dynasty. More and more rich man replace their windows with stained glass Manchurian windows!

Of course, an ancient garden is indispensable to the rockery, which is in the middle of the pond. The inconspicuous stones in the pond seem to be just decoration, but you can walk into the rockery step on the stones! There is also a small waterfall on the rockery.

The ancients decoration their house as a travel site. No wonder the ladies in old time can stay at home for more than ten years without getting out of their house~

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