Go to the market in Mildura

Go to markets in Australia is not as convenient as in China. There are all kinds of food shops downstairs in China, and it is hard to be hungry. Now we have Meituan, even if you stay home you won’t starve, as long as you have money!

But in Australia, the residential area and the commercial area are separated. It is at least 15 minutes to walk from the residential area to the commercial area. And it takes 45 minutes from where we live, which makes shopping a rare thing!

When we were work in the Australian farm, we went to shopping about once a week, but we usually went to the supermarket for half an hour when we were off work, that should not call shopping.

But that day because of the rain in the morning, the farm could not work, so we went to the market together!

It happened to be a market day in Mildura, so we can feel the local stall culture in Australia. Australian stalls are mainly art, that’s different with china which focus on food. This is the cultural difference! They will not solicit customers, you buy or not, they just sit there, neither sad nor happy!

market in Mildura

In fact, it is not expensive to buy a plant, 3~5 Australian dollars, which is cheaper than going to the supermarket to buy vegetables. Especially ginger, garlic, peppers, etc., are very expensive in supermarkets, so if you have time, you should grow your own!

market in Mildura

In Australia, in addition to having cars in every household, many people have boats at home, which is convenient for fishing. Even in an inland place like Mildura, people will be towed out to sea during holidays.

I ran into the boat show that day. At first I thought it was a small car, and I said this car is so awesome! But I found that it was a small boat, shame!

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