Day trip to Adelaide, taste salted pork knuckles in Hahndorf

I’ve been in Australia for almost a month, and I spent almost every day on the farm. I treat myself fairly well, at least give myself a day off every week. As long as there are not on holiday at the farm, other people are very diligent to work every day, so I don’t earn as much as them. I am already cutting slowly and I am not diligent. No wonder I can’t make money~

I always think about going out to see visit the great Australia. Working holiday means having working and holiday, right?

It happened to rain again that day, the farm was resting, we decided to have a day trip to Adelaide. Cause we don’t have a car in Australia, besides walk to the shopping district, we can’t go farther! It’s rare for everyone to have a holiday today, so we decided to have a day trip~

It takes 4 hours to drive from Mildura to Adelaide, and 8 hours round trip. Without warm blood, we can’t finish round trip in one day. I used to think it is a long time to drive for an hour, but abviously it just a small case in Australia.


Arrived Adelaide, we are look like villagers visiting the city. I haven’t seen so many people for a long time. Other people travel in Australia to eat western food, but we chose to eat Chinese dumplings and milk tea.

I have been a long time didn’t drink milk tea ! However, the dumplings in that restaurant are not as good as in China. They should try some dumplings with thin skin and fillings in China~


There are coins all over the floor, but you can’t get them! This is art decoration. These coins are stuck in the cement, and they can’t be pulled out. The art of the rich is nothing but this~


The pigeons who live in peace with people always cross the road slowly and are not afraid of being hit by others, they are looking forward anyone can solve their meal!


Thought-provoking question, what do you want to do most before you die? Have you ever thought about this question? I thought about it for myself, it seems that there is nothing I really want to accomplish~

Go to Hahndorf in the evening to taste salted pork knuckles. This is a particularly famous salted pork knuckle in Australia. It is so salty that you doubt your life. We ordered two servings for 6 people, it was not enough, but one serving is about 100 Australian dollars, taste enough!

There is no nightlife in the suburbs. It’s only around 8 o’clock in the evening, and there are no people, but the night view of Hahndorf is really beautiful. The style here is a little different from other villages in Australia, and it is more exquisite, while other places in Australia give me the feeling that it is more wild.

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