Day trip to Melbourne Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne is not far from the city centre and is easy to reach by bus. This botanic garden was built in 1845 and has witnessed the historical changes of Melbourne.

The garden occupies a very large area, 40 hectares. Since the establishment of the garden, there has collected more than 10000 plants. You can see many plants you know or don’t know when you stroll around in the garden!

Does this cactus look like the Hattifatteners in the Moomin?

A short road was filled with many different kinds of plants. Although they are all green, dark green and light green are also different, the shapes also different . Walking in the garden will never feel monotonous.

Once Victoria was part of NSW. When then Victoria separated from NSW and became a independent colonial state, the governor planted an gum tree in the park to commemorate this important event. You can find it in the park. The tree named “separation tree”.

There is also a wooden house in the garden called La Trobe Cottage. This house was once La Trobe’s residence, but the original site was not in the botanical garden. It was moved here later. There are some very old utensils in the house, reflecting the daily life of officials in that era.

The garden outside the house is even more stunning, with many varieties of succulents, which are chubby and cute! I feel that the owner of this house has a very delicate life.

Although there are many plants in the garden, it does not feel like a forest. The park is very open, with lake areas and lawns. Visitors usually sit on the grass and bask in the sun, feeding the pigeons, take a leisurely life.

In the early autumn, the trees in the garden gradually turn red. Surrounded by trees and trees, there is really a poetic and picturesque sense. Especially when paired with two benches under the tree, it would be perfect if paired with a pair of loving old couple!

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