Get close to the little penguins in St Kilda, Melbourne

Australia is close to Antarctica, and there are many places where can see the little penguins. If you are traveling to Melbourne with a travel group, most travel agencies recommend going to Phillip Island.

However, in addition to the ferry tickets and tickets to Phillip Island, the journey is far away, and you can’t take pictures! Not being able to take photos means that there is no way to share the naive look of the little penguin with friends, no way to commemorate it, no way to show off to future generations~

In fact, there is a place where you can get close with the little penguins near the city of Melbourne. There is free. This is St Kilda! Take the bus to St Kilda, walk along the beach and see a long embankment, walk up until the end, and you will see a group of cute little penguins!

Every night they would come back from the sea and climb on the rocks beside the embankment. This is their home. I just know that penguins can be very noisy, especially during mating. In the dark environment, apart from the voice of tourists, it is the cry of the little penguin!

The distance between us and the little penguin is only such a fence, and you can still touch the cute little penguin by reaching out!

A lost little penguin. Although tickets are not charged here, there are staff members. They will use red flashlights to illuminate the places where there are little penguins for tourists to take pictures. Some tourists’ cameras do not have good night shooting functions. They turn on the flash, even we ask them don’t do that , they still keep doing.

The flash will damage the eyes of penguins, but the red light will not! We should be a qualified tourist. Before we go to see Little Penguins, get a camera with good night vision function, or follow the bright light of the staff to take photos of Little Penguin. Don’t turn on the flash!

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