Needs to be take care when looking for farm job in Australia

The trip in Melbourne is over, and it’s time to start the next job! Found a job in Townsville online, looks good. So I took a flight to Queensland!

Mainland Chinese go to Australia for a working holiday. If they want to collect the second year visa, we must work in north of the Tropic of Cancer or the Northern Territory, I thought that winter is approaching, and it should not be so cold there!

But almost when I arrived in Townsville, I saw an unsafe message. Many jobs there seemed to deceive people to live in the hostel and wait for job. The wait may last two or three weeks, or even one or two months!

For people from poor families like ours, it is difficult to pay for a week’s accommodation without working, let alone waiting for an unknown job? So immediately I found another job in Bundaberg and rushed over by night train!

However, after I arrived, I found that I also had to wait, and the experience was not very good. The people were not very friendly. Is my roommate in Mildura too nice? Then I contacted a friend I met in Mildura, and he introduced me to another job that was also Bundaberg, so I left again!

This time I stayed in a luxury house. I feel that living in Australia is just changing from one luxury house to another. Life is going well.

This time I can go to work at once, but I don’t make much money. Picking tomatoes, green peppers, and cucumbers. I set off every day before dawn. After work, my shoes were soaked. I washed my shoes every day when I came back. The next day wear them to work when they still wet.

Because picking green peppers and cucumbers all have to bend over, I feel that my waist is about to break after get off work every day. After taking a shower and washing clothes, I should sleep and relax my waist, otherwise I can’t start work the next day.

The salary is not high, and the second year visa cannot be collected, but the work of getting the second year visa has not yet started, so I can only spend a short time here!

My dinner, the tomatoes were picked on the farm, and I saved one or two red ones for myself!

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