Bundaberg snapshot, small zoo, shallow beach

Bundaberg is a small town in central Queensland with a small population, but it is also a tourist town. From November to March of the following year, you can see sea turtles laying eggs on the beach of Mon Repos where nearby Bundaberg.

The time to stay in Bundaberg was very short, only two weeks, but every day work very hard. But work here need to go out early in the morning, so work can be closed before noon. In the afternoon, I have my free time , I can go shopping , or have time to take a look of this village .

Bundaberg is very small, but there is also a small zoo, which is free. Although it has been a while since I came to Australia, I am so excited to see kangaroos! Kangaroos seem to be herbivores. They eat carrots, grapes, grass, grains etc. If you have feed to feed the kangaroo, it will grab your hand and eat it! Kangaroos are one of the few rats I am not scare!

This is said to be a kind of parrot unique to Australia. The color white looks so good and is sleeping ! Although this small zoo does not have large animals such as tigers and lions, there are still many small animals!

Take a walk to the beach. It’s about an hour drive from Bundaberg, my friend said it’s very close! In Australia, an hour’s drive is really very close.

Australia’s beaches are really beautiful, with clear water and fine sand, blue sky and white clouds! My friend always goes to the beach every time he wants to relax.

The water here is shallow, you can walk deep inside without getting wet, and there are so few people here, there are only around 5 people on the huge beach. Every time I see a beautiful sea, I think that I won’t encounter any more beautiful one again, but Australia is really gave me many surprise, and I am truly amazed every time!

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