How’s the experience of rolling branches on an Australian farm?

If you are holding a 462 visa to work in Australia , you want to get the second visa ,you must work in north of the Tropic of Cancer for three months . Then apply with the pay slips and tax records.

In fact , it is not necessary to work on farms , but I was worried that I can’t find a job in city , and I also like working on farms.

This time I arrived Emerald, a small town. My job is rolling branches, that is , the grape tree grows new branches every year . We have to cut off the old branches of the previous year and roll the new branches on the iron wire, and the grapes will grow from these new branches!

The work cut off the old branches will be done by mans , because the old branches have been rolled on the wire for a long time , and when they grow thick , they will be tightly entangles with the wire, and girls will not have enough strength to cut.

Rolling branches also need to use scissors, because we only roll up 8 branches , the extra branches need to be cut off , and the too long parts need to be cut off too . The hand will be very painful after working day.

Rolling branches also requires hard work .During that time , I always wake up from the hand pain at night . And now two years later , the hand still occasionally pain .If you want to do rolling job, must think clearly !

The rolling period was not long , it only took less than a month to roll up the branches of the entire farm. Later , in order to get more working days to collect the second visa , we also went to other farms to help , but just work for 2~3 days , they were also finished !

After finishing the rolling work, I didn’t find the another job for the second year visa, I just can leave there first !

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