Day trip in Brisbane, the hostel caught fire in the middle of the night

There was a fire alarm in the hostel at midnight last night. After it rang for a while , my roommates looked at each other , then picked up their bags slowly and walked downstairs, they even didn’t have any nervous.

I also got down after changed pants . When we got downstairs, we saw that some people came out without clothes, that’s a winter night , they should very cold .

The fire was extinguish in 10 minutes after firefighters arrived, and we can continue to sleep! But I can’t have a deep sleep , I have to get up early the next day , and check out at 10 o’clock.

I adjusted the alarm clock at 8 o’clock , but I still lay on bed for half an hour after it rang. Store my luggage at the hostel and start my trip in Brisbane.

I would like to see my favorite Dinosaur in the museum today . There was a market on the way to the museum , I like to visit local market , that is the best place to realize the local culture . Anyway , I’m not in a hurry , so I’ll go around slowly .

I received my friend’s massage when I’m walking around. He just finished classes, so we went to museum together.

I finally saw my favor dinosaur, right in front of me, I really want to hug it~

After visiting the museum, I finally left contentedly. We went to sunny bank to eat ramen. I haven’t eaten a meal outside for a long time. A noodle cost AUD13.5. Sure enough, I can only do it occasionally.

After a long drive, We finally got to Coffs Harbour. Originally, I should lived in a mansion by the sea, but someone arrived before me. She lived in a mansion by the sea, and I lived in a barren mountain, and I was the only one there, hope to get roommates soon.