The days of picking blueberries in Coffs Harbour

When we were in Coffs Harbour, we lived in a house on the mountain. It was not easy to go out, so we always stay at home. There were blueberry farms around our house, Coffs Harbour seems to be the town of blueberries.

Because our house is on the mountain, many things are inconvenient. For example, the water heater was often broken then without hot water, but no one can help. There was no other houses beside us. But the good is we can go out without locking the door, which is very safe! Even if it was accidentally locked, we just need to climb the window to open the door. If you really encounter a bad guy, you can’t stop it!

The sea can be seen from our house, but I still like to see the sea close . Why is the sea in Australia so beautiful?

On the third day after arrived , we can start picking blueberries. The blueberry farms are basically on the mountain. Every day we pick blueberries are also hiking, and if you don’t have strong legs , maybe you can’t do that .During that time, I often had leg cramps at night, sometimes when I woke up in the middle of the night to stretch my legs would scare my roommate.

The roads of some blueberry farms are particularly difficult to walk. Not only have to go uphill and downhill, but sometimes you will encounter big pits. Be careful, otherwise you will fall into the pit and you will not report a work injury if you are injured.

We can’t wear gloves to pick blueberries, only use our hands. A bucket would tied around at waist, fill it up with blueberries and change to another.

When picking, we should also pay attention not to pick purple, it is not fully ripe yet, it is mature only when it turns blue. And sometimes you may meet insects, spiders, or frogs. During this period of time, a weak lady has become a strong woman. I used to be afraid of insects. When I picked blueberries, I was not afraid!

Something I will never know if I never pick blueberries. There are many kinds of blueberries! Some are very large, some are very small, some are very sour, and some are very sweet. The blueberry trees are also tall and short, and short ones are better to pick. There is a kind of fruit called peeled blueberry, so the idea is that the peel is easy to peel off , and you need to be skilled when picking it.

During that time, we were not only work, but also life. We ate together, had fun together, and had hot pot together. It was a very pleasant time.

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