Went to see whales in Byron Bay but saw dolphins

Leaving Coffs Harbour that day, I have to go back to the Emerald to collect the second year visa. At the mid of way , we came to Byron Bay for a visit. This is the easternmost point of the Australian mainland and the best place for whale watching. The best time to watch whale is from May to November every year.

Because left my friends who living together for two months , I was sad at that time !But seeing such a beautiful sea was shocked again, my mood was slightly calmed down !

In addition to being the best whale watching spot, Byron Bay is also a famous place to watch the sunrise. As long as it is not early in the morning , it is not difficult to park. The parking fee here is AUD 7, we park our car and walk along the coast towards the lighthouse!

The lighthouse is not the end of the hike. After passing the lighthouse, you can continue going down. There will be several hiking trails afterwards. Some go to the reef, and some go to the beach. However, there are many wild animals here, so be careful to encounter snakes when you walk.

I like this kind of original ecological trail the most. The road leading to the sea is without fences. There is only a road that the predecessors walked out. You have to be careful when you walk. At the end of this road, you will see a natural swimming pool, a swimming pool formed by rocks, with sea water constantly beating in and flowing out!

My friend’s original intention was to show me whales. Although whales are not so easy to see, but we saw dolphins. There were five or six together. The photo was not very clear, but I was very excited when I saw the dolphins. I haven’t seen the wild dolphins yet, so when I met a group of them was so excited!

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