Join a Christmas parade in Brisbane

After Emerald’s work was over, it was almost Christmas. Now that I have been in Australia, I can’t miss to feel a Summer Christmas. We came to Brisbane.

My roommate is a Korean girl , we living together for almost 2 month, but when I met her in Brisbane , I suddenly didn’t recognize her. That was so big difference between makeup and no makeup .

We went to eat Korean barbecue , from the point of a Korean , she said that the Korean barbecue here is very authentic and very Korean !

Although Brisbane is not big, at least it is small compared to Sydney and Melbourne, but the Christmas atmosphere is definitely stronger than those two major cities. If you want to spend an atmospheric Christmas in Australia, I suggest you to Brisbane.

Based on my two Christmas experiences in Australia, although many shops in Sydney have changed into Christmas lights, there are also Christmas projections in front of the church. However, there is no Christmas parade like Brisbane. You can clearly feel the strong Christmas atmosphere when participating in the parade.

In order to watch the parade, we went to the road of the parade to wait very early. From the photos, we can see the crowds. If we don’t come early, we can’t see anything!

The parade teams passed by in groups. Each team wore different costumes, played different characters, some passed by on horses and camels! The reindeer dragged Santa’s sleigh by, but took away Santa’s limelight~

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