Delicious food in Sydney CBD, visit the Opera House

In order to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks, I went to Sydney directly after Christmas in Brisbane for the New Year’s Eve! It turns out that my choice was right. There are no events at Christmas in Sydney, but it is internationally renowned during the New Year!

As soon as I arrived in Sydney, I felt like I had returned to China. There are many Chinese and many people. Especially in Chinatown, I feel like I am in Guangzhou!

Before I came, I booked a room on the Internet. The renter was going to other places for vacation these days, so she rented the bed to me for a few days, so I was lucky to live in the city center! You must know that it is very difficult to find a room in Sydney during the New Year’s Eve, let alone a house that feels like home!

This day, I make an afternoon tea with a friend that I haven’t seen for a long time, and go shopping! In the Rocks of Sydney, there is a market every weekend. Hundreds of stalls gather here, selling jewelry, toys and handicrafts. Of course, the most attractive thing is all kinds of food. We are hungry when walk!

There is a famous Pancake restaurant hidden in the classic building. Its name is simple and straightforward. It is called Pancakes On The Rocks. In fact, there are also branches in other places of Sydney, but this one is the most famous one.

My friend ordered the bacon and egg brunch, but I was the first time here, of course I want to try their Pancake. There are many pieces of Pancake, which can be very full. And Australian desserts are normally very sweet, but this pancake is not very sweet, and the maple syrup just a bit sweet and also a bit bitter, not very greasy! It’s just a bit too full after eating one set!

When arrive in Sydney, of course have to visit the Opera House! There will be many people here during normal time, of course not including the current epidemic period! There should be very few people now!

The opera house is generally only visited outside. If you want to go inside, you can take a one-hour tour of the opera house. If you take an earlier tour, you can see most of the theaters. The tour takes place every half hour, including free drinks.

Looking out from the Opera House is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Here is the protagonist of the New Year’s Eve fireworks. The places to watch the fireworks are all around the Harbour Bridge!

The best time to see the shell building of the Opera House is at night. Generally, during festivals, including Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Vivid light shows, there will be light projections on the outer walls of the Opera House! And it’s always changing, and every festival will be different!

If you want to eat the freshest seafood, you must go to the fish market in Sydney! There are all kinds of seafood here! Oysters are all plump and big! Order one and eat directly at the beach, enjoy! But be careful that seagulls will come to grab your food, nervousness!

There are also some indoor deli shops where you can buy cooked seafood directly. However, it is basically fried here. If you are a good cook, I suggest you buy seafood back home and cook it!

The most special thing here is this sweet shrimp. Did you see the word ” Great for sashimi”? This sweet shrimp is only available in Australia and New Zealand. It is very tender and juicy when eaten directly! If you come to Australia, you must not miss it!

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