Do you know any special animals in Taronga Zoo?

Sydney has two zoos, but Taronga Zoo is more famous than the zoo in the city center.

Although it is not in the city center, it has convenient transportation and is larger than the zoo in the city. It has a richer variety of animals and can get close to kangaroos. The kangaroos here are not afraid of people, so they can be touched and hugged. You can also take a photo with a koala, but if you want to hug a koala, you have to go to Queensland.

If you are going to Taronga Zoo by ship, you can take the funicular railway to the top of the mountain after getting off the ship and visit from top to bottom. You can also walk up the mountain, recommended to take the funicular railway, not so tired. Look down from the funicular railway to see the elephants!

The cutest animal in the Australian zoo is definitely a koala. No refutation is accepted! Every time I see a koala, they are on the way to sleep or getting ready to sleep, it’s furry and cute!

Koalas are not like kangaroos, they cann’t be seen everywhere. The easiest way to see koalas is at the zoo! Although I once saw a koala sitting in the middle of the road, the chance of seeing a koala in the wild is really rare! It’s as rare as meeting a panda in the wild!

Giant lizards are also common animals in Australia. Sometimes they can be seen on farms or on the beach! I used to be very afraid of such reptiles, but Australian lizards live in harmony with people, and they don’t seem to hurt people! Although it still looks a bit scary!

There are different performances at different time in the zoo. Recommended to take a map when entering the park, first see which performances you want to see, and make a good time to queue! This seal show is worth seeing, the seals are very smart and the show is also very interesting! Will also interact with the audience!

When the staff asked two children to come forward and interact with the seal, the seal dived and splashed the water on the two excited children and wet them all. We in the audience all laughed ! Although the children didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh ~

The meerkat, a vigilant social animal, looks around all the time. They usually live together in a family , sunbathing every day, looking for insects, and seeing if any enemies invade their territory! When I saw them, I thought of Timon & Pumbaa~

This kind of small kangaroo is called quokka, which is famous in WA! They always shrink in a corner. If you want to touch a kangaroo, look for a big kangaroo! They are less afraid of people, and hope you can give them something to eat!


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