How to grow a grape tree and eat grapes every day

I remember my first job in Australia was picking grapes, and I had grapes to eat every day. do you know? Fruits in Australia are very expensive. We also whimsically said that picking a few grapes every day and selling them in the market may make more money than picking grapes on the farm!

I participated in almost the entire grape growing process in Australia, from rolling branches, picking leaves, plucking small fruits, to fruit picking! Below I will introduce how the Australian farm grows grapes. If you are also interested, you might as well plant your own grapes! After that, there are fresh grapes to eat every year, which is much more cost-effective than buying!

  1. rolling branches

First, after all the fruits of the season are harvested, the grapes tree will grow new branches. After the new branches grow out, cut off the old branches of the previous year and roll the new branches onto the shelf. However, in order for the grapes to produce biger and sweeter, there should not be too many branches. Generally, a tree as tall as a person has 16 branches to ensure that each bunch of grapes has sufficient nutrition.

  1. Picking leaves

The purpose of picking leaves is also to make the grapes more nutritious, and also to make later fruit picking more easy. Pick off the leaves that are too lush and expose the grapes inside. Then you don’t need to search through the leaves to pick grapes!

However, it should be noted that the top leaves cannot be removed. They are used to cover the grapes from the sun. Generally, when grapes grow up as bunches, a white film should be covered on the grape tree .

  1. plucking small fruits

This is also for the grapes to absorb more nutrients and get bigger and sweeter! You can see that the bunches of fruits below are very attractive, but the fruits are large and small. Too many fruits in a bunch will affect nutrient absorption, and the small fruits will not grow any more bigger, they will still be so small when they are mature. Not only affects the beauty but also affects sales, it is better to unplug it. Of course, you don’t have to be so particular about growing it yourself!

  1. Grape picking

It’s finally the grape picking part! Grape picking is not just about picking the fruit, because grapes will have a small white bug called mini bug. If you don’t cut it off, it will continue to infect, making all other fruits full of bugs!

If they are grow for selling, this kind of bugs must not be boxed, especially grapes in the farm of Australia! Because most of the Australian grapes are sold to oversea, the whole box of fruits can be scrapped when the bugs are not removed, so this is a step that cannot be ignored!

We cut the fruit in a box like the one below! Then it will be shipped to the freezer for stickers, and then shipped to other country!

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