Join the New Year Fireworks in Sydney

There are different ways of New Year’s Eve all over the world, and Sydney’s fireworks show is also world-famous. Every year, it attracts tourists from all over the world to watch. I didn’t fly from China to watch the fireworks show , but I flew over from Queensland to watch the fireworks show, because I heard it is very famous and spectacular, and I happen to be in Australia, there is no reason not to participate!

The Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks show was held on January 1st at 0 o’clock , but if you want to occupy a good position, you must go early in the morning on December 31! How early is early in the morning? Let me tell you, there are already a lot of people in the opera house after 6 o’clock, and some people come to take up seats at 3 or 4 o’clock! In order to watch the fireworks show, you have to sit for 10 to 20 hours from morning to night!

Since we were still in early, we occupied a position by the fence, we would not be hided by a many of heads, and we could look around the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge on three sides! Talk about the importance of early arrival! But we just could stay there all day, otherwise our early efforts would wasted! We would be squeezed by others if we were not paying attention to our position!

In order to consume this long 10 hours, we prepared a lot of food, snacks, chairs and carpets, otherwise it would be tiring to stand for a day!

And the gods didn’t seem to want us to wait too smoothly. It started to rain at around 8 o’clock. Although it was not too heavy, most of the people got wet, and then the sun began to shine again. Did it felt sorry to make us wet? So let the sun come to dry us? After this tossing, many people are sticky and greasy! I suggest not to put on makeup and wait for the fireworks. After such a whole day, the makeup is also spent at night, and I dare not look at myself at night!

And in the boring waiting time, the most suitable thing is to watch handsome men and beautiful women. Look, everyone else has brought beach chairs, and prepare enough! And my friend was unwilling to be lonely, joined in the fun at a party with strangers, I admired his self-familiar ability!

There are several spots for watching fireworks in Sydney, such as the Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, which is said to be the best spot in the Royal Botanic Gardens! And blue point, the Sydney Opera House, and you can also buy cruise tickets to watch it on board! And what we envied the most was the residents living in the building near the opera house, watching them holding wine glasses at home watching fireworks, really want to ask if I can also come in to watch together!

In fact, on the New Year’s Eve, these residences near the Opera House, or in other locations where you can watch fireworks, will rent out high prices for others to watch fireworks. If you want others to be jealous, you can rent one, but it is really expensive!

For those of us who don’t want to spend money to watch the fireworks, we can only arrive at the viewing point very early in the morning. I heard that the area of ​​the Sydney Opera House was already full at around 10 o’clock that day and they were not allowed to enter again. Fortunately, we arrived early !

The Sydney government will control the number of people entering the venue, so that the viewing point will not be overcrowded, which is quite relaxed. The facilities in the venue are also very complete. There is a small shop to satisfy your gluttonous desires. Of course, the price is more expensive than the ones bought outside, but if you are not as prescient as us and bought a few burgers to fill your hunger, go there. Buying is also a good choice!

In addition, there are a lot of mobile toilets at the back of the site, and they are all very clean!

We watched it on the upper floor, while the lower floor was for VIP people to watch fireworks. They usually only enter the venue around 5 pm, wearing formal dresses, and ordering a glass of wine,a dinner, eating and chatting while waiting for fireworks! And we just watched their dresses which is looks better, which one is more exaggerated, and watched their fries being tricked away by seagulls…

There would be a small fireworks show at around 9 o’clock. This was for parents with children to let their children go home to sleep early. 12 o’clock is the main point, so don’t go back after 9 o’clock!

The night view of the Opera House at night is very beautiful, especially on the day of the fireworks show, the cruise ships on the Sydney Harbour are illuminated with special lights, decorating the entire harbour even more gorgeous and colorful!

Let me tell you a cold knowledge, the street lights next to the Sydney Opera House have small wings!

The fireworks show was about to begin. Sydney’s fireworks shows are held every year at a huge cost. Of course, they are different from ordinary fireworks. One of the scenes of fireworks pouring out from the Sydney Bridge, making the fireworks look like a waterfall, make viewers admire again and again!

It is said that this years fireworks may be cancel cause the COVID-19, but we still can wait the another years.

The feeling of counting down with a lot of people is really shocking. It was my first time have such a good feeling in the New Year’s Eve. I strongly recommend that you also participate once. However, it’s really not an easy task to wait from morning to night!

After the fireworks show ended, people left the venue one after another. Since I live in the city, I don’t need to squeeze in the subway with others. If I live in the suburbs, it would take a long time to wait the subway! On the way back, peoples still kept their excitement. I heard people yelling in excitement along the way, and I became excited with the infection!

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