Vietnam Hue, another Forbidden City in the world

As a Chinese , the Forbidden City in Beijing are known by everyone , that is a symbol of thrones. But I never thought that there is another Forbidden City in Vietnam Hue.

From Da Nang to Hue , you can choose by bus or by train , but more people recommend by train. That’s more comfortable ,and famous by its ocean view during the trip .

There are 11 trains from Da Nang to Hue every day , total 3 hours journey. Ticket price are difference for each train , from VND 56’000~250’000. We choose the morning train depart at 6:45 am, in the morning , you can get a great sunrise on train .

Hue was the capital city of Vietnam in history dynasty , and there is a Forbidden City same as Beijing ? Beijing is so far away from me , but Vietnam is more closer . I don’t mind to visit the Forbidden City in Vietnam first .

Its appearance similar as the Forbidden City in Beijing . I heard that , Vietnam was a Subsidiary States of China. The name of Vietnam was named by the Ancient China (surprise!). And Vietnamese language is similar as Cantonese , I thought I can easy to learn Vietnamese language .

Although they are similar , but the main color of Forbidden City in Beijing is red , in Vietnam is yellow . That should be their main different . Which color you like more ?

Actually , compare with Beijing Forbidden City , I more like Hue Forbidden City . Although its rehabilitation is not good as Beijing’s , but I am more like its history imprint .

It just like a old man with full of lines in his face . But can talk some stories that we never heard ,never experience , and hard to image .

The most expensive Yoghourt I ever bought , spent 1000, of cause , in VND, Haha~

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