Hoi An, an ancient town build by Chinese , but local in Vietnam

After leave the Forbitton City of Hue, we take bus to Hoi An. Recommend to take bus at Sinh Tourist . There are 2 bus everyday , 7:30 & 13:15, around 3.5~4 hours trip .

Also you can take bus at Hanh Cafe or train station , but a bit expensive or longer time.

We arrived Hoi An around 5 pm, went to hotel and check in first . We booked a twins room , but staff told us no more twins room. They free upgrade to a triple room for us , lucky !

The bath room is very clean and have a small balcony . Also a swim pool in the hotel. We swim at night and no one there , we can enjoy the exclusive pool .

Hoi An

Introduce a Vietnam local food : white rose, it looks like wonton, but cover is different . Before you eat , just dip a bit vinegar, cold and delicious.

Hoi An

Actually , I came for the lanterns . Lantern is one feature of Hoi An ! Once night come , every house light up lanterns , make up the ancient town .

The lanterns in Hoi An are all hand made , some made by wood , some by bamboo. Out side cover by a layer of coloured silk , with different color , different shape, and different pattern.

Lanterns are not just for gift of traveller , also for local house and shops . When they light up , especially both side of river , so romantic . And sometimes , you can see some people launching water lanterns on river .

In Chinese calendar 15-Jan & 15-Aug, that is a festival in Hoi An. In that day , all town will power cut , all people wear ancient clothes. The town seems come back to ancient time.

Hoi An

Go for a long street just for a post card . I like this post card which show peoples launching water lanterns .

In morning time , Hoi An with less traveller . Local peoples in their old house , drink some tea and have a chat . Morning is the best time to visit a city .

Hoi An

I like to visit markets when go to a new town . That is the best way to know how’s local people life , and can taste the local food in market .

When visit Hoi An , I found their is many Chinese Assembly Halls. After check history , Hoi An was build by Chinese who immigrate in Ming Dynasty (Surprised again!). Visit Hoi An no need to buy ticket. But if visit the Chinese Assembly Halls need to buy , the ticket is VND 120’000.

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