Visit Tulou? The first choice must be the Tulou King

Today, I bought a ticket specifically for the Chengqi Building(承啟樓). Why did I buy a ticket specifically? If anyone who reads my previous post should know, When I visited Yongding ,I was slipped in at midnight, so I didn’t buy ticket, and many of Tulous in Yongding I didn’t entry in.

But I thought that Tulous are all similar, so just visit one or two enough. In Yongding, I have already visited the Fuyu Building(福裕樓,link). Now come to Gaobei I would like buying a ticket to visit another Tulou — Chengqi Building!

Chengqi Building

Chengqi Building is known as the King of Tulou, and it is also the largest Tulou with the largest construction scale. From top to bottom, you will see the Tulou surrounded by laps, with a total of 3 laps.

The ordinary Tulou will be clear when you walk in. Normally they are a courtyard in the middle of a large circle. You can get a full screen just standing at the entry . But the Chengqi Building with 3 circle , so when you standing at the entry , you can’t get the full screen of the building .

Chengqi Building

There is a family behind each door in the Tulou, and the whole building is a a large family. They lived in the Tulou and did business in the Tulou, just like a small community.

Only in December, the Spring Festival couplets were already posted on the doors. I thought the Spring Festival atmosphere here must be very strong. I want to spend a Spring Festival here.

Chengqi Building

You can walk up the stairs to the top floor and when look down is so spectacular, but even if you buy a ticket, you have to pay extra if you want to go up.

Chengqi Building

The old stone floor tells the long history here ~

Wandering outside, I saw a little girl painting here, some on the canvas, and some on the wood. The scenery of the Tulou village was collected into the painting with delicate brush strokes ~

In addition to drinking tea, Fujianese also drink this orange tea. These oranges are so big! It is said that it can strengthen the stomach, nourish the lungs, nourish the blood, clear the intestines, rich in vitamin C, etc. Anyway, it is beneficial to drink more, but I just took a look …

Fujian is also rich in persimmons, encountering a pile of persimmon cakes, they looks so delicious!

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