Yunshuiyao(云水謠)| Are you here to travel or drink tea?

Have you ever had a tea chat with a stranger while traveling for a whole noon time? Before this trip to Fujian, I never thought that I would do so when I was traveling, and I never thought that there would be shopkeepers who would not make money but just chat.

I visited Tulous in Yongding that day, and I went to the mountain to shoot the roof of Tulous. In addition to seeing Tulous on the mountain, you can also see tea mountains. Tea is one of the specialties of Fujian. No matter where I go, there are tea-shops.

When I went down the mountain, a tea shop owner who was built on the mountainside stopped me. In general, I am very disgusted with sales! However, the enthusiasm of the proprietress moved me.

During the chat, I also felt that she was really drinking tea and chatting with me just as a friend! we chatted for more than an hour, and I wouldn’t leave if I don’t need to move to the next stop!


Then came to Yunshuiyao(云水謠), a place with a poetic name! In fact, this place was not originally called Yunshuiyao, but Changjiao Village. It was renamed “Yunshuiyao” after making the film “Yunshuiyao”.

This is a very old village. Most of the old shops retain the characteristics of wooden walls, and there are many Tulous dotted by streams and fields.


My hostel in Yunshuiyao was next by a stream. There are still old stone piers on the stream for crossing the river. To be honest, when I walk on it, my legs was so week to stand, I am afraid that I would accidentally fall into the stream.

But I like this stream the most in this village. It is a treat to live by the river at night listening to the sound of gurgling streams!


The life of the Fujianese is really very leisurely. They like to make a pot of tea and chat with friend on a daily basis, this is what I learned from my travels these days. And I also join their chat this morning with the hotel owner. (Again?)

Because the Chinese New Year is approaching, the owner talked about the scene of firecrackers during the Chinese New Year. I really feel that their atmosphere of the Chinese New Year is very strong!

Met a group of riding groups, actually I met them once in Yongding, but I never thought that I would met them in Yunshuiyao again!

They came to Fujian by bicycles all the way from Hong Kong. I feel that they are so powerful and envious. I must have been give up for just 30 kilometers riding. they rided at least 550 kilometers, worship!

They took their bicycle through the stone pier , no matter men or women. Me , a person who didn’t bring anything, but soft legs when crossing the bridge, really couldn’t reach them!

Most tourists who come to Yunshuiyao are aiming at Tulous, but I think it is more interesting to walk in the village than Tulou. The folk customs here are simple, and there are very enthusiastic villagers everywhere who invite you to drink tea and chat. I don’t know if I came to drink tea or come to see the attractions!

This type of travel has not been tried before, but I don’t mind having more different attempts to meet more scenery outside attractions during trips!

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