Ziyun Cave, creeks and looming moisture makes it like a fairyland

It only took me 3 days from knowing the place of Ziyun Cave to arriving! I didn’t collect much information before coming, so I felt very fresh when I arrived, especially the looming creek inside the cave makes the cave more immortal.

Ziyun Cave is located in Hezhou, Guangxi. There is no bus to get there, so you need to take a local motorcycle or taxi. The location is deep in the village, and the road is relatively small, so it is recommended that take a motorcycle would be more convenient .

It need to be entered by groups, not just as soon as you buy a ticket! Every group of people will have a leader, so that for those who just have little imagination, will not only see stones ,stones and stones, but will see Guanyin, Buddha, lion, monkey, waterfall, etc. You can see anything you imagine.

Ziyun Cave was formed by sea level uplift during the geological fission in the Jurassic Period. It is 6 km long, but only 1 km is open to tourists. It is said that its name is derived from the underground river in the cave, which make the cave warm in winter and cool in summer. In winter, the heating in the cave spews out from the entrance , forming a purple mist drifting at the entrance of cave.

I went in the New Year, that is in winter, to be honest, I didn’t see the purple mist. This origin is just a myth.

What I like most is its creek, which has almost traversed the entire karst cave, indeed making the temperature inside the cave slightly lower than outside! At the end of the cave, the water volume is relatively rich. There are several pools in the shape of a ladder. The water flows down from the upper layer step by step, and the looming moisture is particularly beautiful ~

There is also a small waterfall in the cave. This is the first time I have seen a waterfall indoors ~

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