Xiushui Champion village, a quaint village that has not been developed

Everyone knows that the most famous in Guangxi is the Guilin landscape. Perhaps because the government has used its financial resources to develop Guilin. Although other places are also scenic spots, they can still retain its original ancient features, such as “Xiushui Champion Village” “! In fact, this is not a bad thing, at least I can see that it has not been commercialized, the original look!

This is an ancient theater in the village, a water channel between the theater and audiences. It looks like a natural barrier. This ancient theater is well preserved and feel it is still usable now.

Walking into the village, what is in sight is a large pond. A long bridge in the pond connect with the pavilion in front , coupled with the karst landscape in Guangxi, the picture is so quiet and beautiful! It doesn’t have to go to Guilin to see the mountains and rivers. Many places in Guangxi have the same beautiful mountains and rivers.

Keep walking into the village. Next to the path is a pool. The water is so clear that you can see water plants and small fishes full of the pool, indicating that the environmental protection here is very good ~

It can also be said that there is no development, the village is a dilapidated scene, but it makes people feel that they are really walking in an ancient village, still retaining the brick buildings of the ancient times, the stone floors of the ancient times, and the ancient simple folk style ~ all the bricks and tiles are full of sense of history ~

The paths in the village are very narrow. Walking inside is like walking in a labyrinth, very easy to get lost, every turning are so fresh . Some abandoned houses would make me desire to walk in and visit, because this kind of houses completely retains the original appearance when the owner left many years ago, and can see the real situation of people’s lives at that time.

Xiushui Champion Village is called Champion Village, in fact, there was only one Song Dynasty champion, but it had 26 jinshi(a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations). It is not easy for a small village to produce so many talents! Therefore, the village has also built a champion building for those who want to gain credit for their academic achievements.

There is a sedan chair in the champion building. In my observed, this was the champion sedan chair in that year. According to the above, only one Song Dynasty champion had appeared in the village. It can be speculated that this sedan has a history of 800 years or even a thousand years. A sense of protecting cultural relics at that time? Probably because that’s so proud , they were reluctant to discard it!

The ruined sense of this sedan chair, I really feel so real, this is what the cultural relics should look like! Every time I go to see the refurbished cultural relics, I always feel the same as making a new one. I don’t feel like touching a historical relic. I still like their original appearance!

In addition to the ancient theater in the village, there is also an ancient theater opposite the champion building. This ancient theater seems to be relatively run-down and should not be used! There are hundreds of years or even thousands of years old wooden boards could be touched, a bit exciting ~

Because during the New Year, couplets are posted on the pillars on both sides of the stage! And because it is not in use, the background can be entered, the place where the actors changed clothes and makeup at the old time, now it is empty ~

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