Missing road in Huangyao, encounter ghost house

Huangyao Ancient Town is a very worthwhile place. But don’t choose holidays to come, many tourists will make the ancient town taste bad!

But there is a festival that recommend to come, that is, the third day of the third lunar month, which is the traditional festival of the Zhuang nationality(壯族) in Guangxi. On that day, there will be opera shows on the ancient theatre with a history of more than 400 years in Huangyao. That is a customs transmit from the old time, not many tourists can really catch up the show!

When I came, it was the New Year. There was a strong New Year feeling here. In our town ,it has been a long time we can’t set off firecrackers, but here is firecrackers leftover everywhere. I always feel that without firecrackers in the New Year , is similar to the ordinary days. When I was a child, New Year’s Eve was sleeping with the sound of firecrackers all night!

Huang Yao Douchi is a special product of Huang Yao. It was once listed as a court tribute in the Qing Dynasty and was exported to Southeast Asia in the period of the Republic of China. Many of Huangyao’s famous dishes are related to douchi. Walking in the alleys of Huangyao, you can see that douchi is sold in a large jar, and make as spicy sauce . The smell of douchi is floating in alleys ~

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In Huangyao , you can see liquor is sold in ancient wine-jar! Why not buy two , dress on Hanfu(漢服), and pretend you are back in antiquity! It is not difficult to find an ancient scene in Huangyao ancient town ~

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Is this … urinal? Full of history feeling! Coupled with the ancient book on the side, and the dusty scrolls, it is like visiting an ancient market and stopping by a small stall, but … would ancient stalls sell urinals and books together?

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Walking into a classical pawnshop, the money … no, should be the antiques that kept me there for a long time! One and two cents cashes was only seen when I was a child, and the cashes printed by Mr. Sun Yat-sen should be moneys of the Republic of China period, I have never seen!

As for those antique swords and porcelain, it’s something new to me, just like walking into an antique museum, every item is with a long history!

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Sima(司馬) was an official in ancient times, and Simadi(司馬第) was the mansion of Sima! This is a building of the Qing Dynasty, inside was built along the terrain, and is a typical of Huang Yao’s old house! If you want to visit inside ,there is enter fee request. When I came, the door was closed and I could not enter!

There are many old style advertisements in Huangyao, much like the scenes seen in TV programs of the Republic of China period. And I found that here was really made a TV series talking about the story of the Republic of China period. I also watched it when I was a kid and it was called “Tea is more strong in hometown.” I really didn’t think it was filmed here!

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I found an old ruined house when random walk around. There were no tourists in this corner except me. I thought this house must have a long story, so I walked in and visited!

The door wasn’t closed, the stove have been grown out grasses, it seems that the owner has been away for a long time! There are two photos in the main house, it looks like the hairstyle of the Qing Dynasty, it still available to walk in, but after I saw that two photoes, there was always a scared feeling around me. Sorry to bother you , I would leave soon!

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Huangyao is laid out according to “Eight Diagrams”, so it is easy to get lost! At night in the alleys, I walked around and around, often thought, “Why am I here again? How do I get back to the hostel? Where am I? Who am I? What am I doing?”

There are a lot of farm dishes in the ancient town. Chicken is really recommended. It has a strong chicken taste and the stuffed tofu is very delicious!

I am not sure if I always missing road. I feel that Huangyao Ancient Town is so big, and there are different feelings in each side! I especially like the feeling of constantly getting lost. Every road is so fresh! Every corner will find a different scenery!

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