Have a superb seafood buffet and taste drip coffee in Vietnam

Vietnam has a long coastline, and the consumption is not high, so it is suitable for a seafood meal! When you come to the seaside city of Nha Trang, you can‘t miss their fresh seafood !

It is said that there is a seafood street in Nha Trang, but I thought that the price of eating seafood in that popular place should be very high. I felt that look for a local restaurant should be better.

There are a lot of seafood restaurants by the sea. Just look at which one you like just walk in. We found a seafood buffet that was super cheap! How much do you guess? Only VDN 260’000 ! Is it great value?

The most commonly seen coffee in Vietnam is drip coffee. Some people even put Vietnamese coffee and drip coffee on equal signs.

Drip coffee is a method of pouring hot water onto the roasted and ground coffee beans. After the water penetrates the coffee powder, it absorbs its tar and aroma and drops to the bottom of the filter. A cup under the filter to collect coffee , and the coffee ground stay in the filter.

At the time, I tasted a bite and only felt bitter, many times more bitter than Cantonese herbal tea. So I asked the waitress for some sugar,but the waitress gave me a strange eyes. Is it no one drinking coffee with sugar here? What’s even more strange is , the waitress later took a lot of sugar on a small dish for me. It looks like just been taken from kitchen. And seems that really no one drinks drip coffee with sugar. Am I strange?

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