Da Lat,A small town hidden in the mountains of Vietnam, but full of French style

After leaving Nha Trang, we took open bus and cross the mountains to Da Lat, known as a Vietnam French-style town. It takes about 4 hours by bus from Nha Trang to Da Lat.

When we arrived in Da Lat, before we felt the French style. we felt the cold air first. Since Da Lat is located on a high mountain, the temperature is over 10 degrees lower than Nha Trang. We still wore shorts and shivered in the cold.

This was the hotel we stayed in Da Lat. The environment was pretty good, a little fresh, a little literary, but the hot water was not strong, it was super cold when taking a shower at night.

The best way to visit Da Lat is to rent a motorcycle. Renting a motorcycle is the most authentic way to visit. when I traveled in Da Nang and Nha Trang, I didn’t know how to cross the road, the motorcycle armies were terrible! However, in Da Lat because of the relatively small population, there are not many motorcycles and peoples on the road, and it is safe to drive a motorcycle here.

The cost of renting 24 hours was 100,000 VND. We discussed with the rental agency whether we can return it overtime? and it is no problem to extend for one or two hours.

At the first stop, we arrived at Thac Datanla, located in the jungle. The ticket was VND10,000.

The road to waterfall was surrounded by rain forest, the air was so fresh, and it may had just rained, there was a smell of earth in the air. The road was paved with stones and there were a small cottage, which was very suitable for taking pictures.

The Datanla waterfall with less developed, so it retains its original style, and the water volume was such abundant. The protruding stones in it make the waterfall not vertical fall. It has a unique beauty. The waterfall can be walked closer to touch.

The thatched house at the entrance, a country-style building, is particularly beautiful when it rains. Sitting in the restaurant and waiting for the rain to stop, there was no obstruction on the periphery, and we could clearly see the misty rain forest. The rain water slides down the thatched roof to form a tranquil and poetic picture.

Then we arrived to the most representative and the most French style Da Lat old train station. This railway station has a history of more than 100 years. It looks so fresh in appearance, I really can’t imagine it has so many years of history.

No any one in the train station~

Behind the station is the platform. A small train was parked on the track for tourists to take pictures. There were only three or two tourists here. No need to wait , we could take photos of unmanned train station.

Domaine de Marie Church, a pink Abbey, this is a Catholic church that mixes French and Vietnamese styles, and the pink outer wall captures many ladies’ hearts. The church was praying when we arrived, and we also felt the solemn atmosphere there.

Xuan Huong Lake is an excellent location to enjoy the night view in Da Lat. Find a restaurant by the lake, blowing the wind and watching the night view … So cold!!! I have took out my scarf at night still felt cold!

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