Crazy House ,as if walking into the magic world

Today we still stay in Da Lat. Since the destination is a little far away, we will go by our little motorcycle!

When you see below photo will you think it as a house? However, it is indeed a house named Crazy House. So mach with its name.

The designer of Crazy House, Nga, is the daughter of the former President of the Republic of Vietnam, and there are some pictures of her in the room next to the gate. To design such a house, the imagination is absolutely different from most people. When you see it at first glance, it is like walking into the magic world. Every corner is so unreal. Some houses can be imagine to tree demon, volcano, forest, etc.

This was originally designed as a hotel by Nga, but because of its special appearance, it attracted more and more visitors, and it became an feature spot here.

Here still providing hotel service ,every room with unique style and furnishing. Tourists usually visit during the daytime , and of course they will peep your room when go through. But if you live here, you can see the Crazy house early in the morning and at night, which is definitely more strange than the daytime.

Moreover, it is not expensive to live here, around USD 40 per night, depending on which room you live in. If you don’t want to stay and just visit during the daytime, the ticket is VND 40000.

Then we went to the nearby Bao Dai’s Summer Palace No. 3, this is the summer palace of the last emperor of the Ruan Dynasty. It was built in 1933 and has an unremarkable appearance. We even didn’t found its existence when we went though outside, we thought that the emperor’s palace should not be like this. Tickets here are VND 30000.

The equipment, furniture, furnishings, etc. in the room are well preserved. The toilet is a flush toilet. You should know how advanced and luxurious the toilet was at that time. That’s really different to be an emperor.

There is also an emperor throne, and there are also emperor’s clothes that allow tourists to cosplay and make dreams to be an emperor.

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