To Taiwan visit Japanese dormitory?

Times back ,4 years ago …

After more than an hour of flight, I finally arrived in Taiwan. Weather was sunny in Macau, but when arrived in Taiwan, it began to rain. The rain hit the windows and made water marks.

What is the most important thing when arrive in Taiwan? Right! Just buy an Easy Card! The Easy Card is a super convenient card that can be used around in Taiwan. It can be used regardless of public transportation, MRT, Taiwan Railway and Supermarket!

Took the Taiwan Railway to Tainan from Kaohsiung, I bought a famous Taiwan Railway Bento! It is said that the meat inside is very large, and it is super cheap, only 55 TWD for a bento.

And they did not use plastic bags, but instead used a net made of degradable materials, which is environmentally friendly and special!

Didn’t have a rest, I arrived to Anping Castle, the wall that was rooted by banyan tree attracted my attention. There is also an Anping tree house nearby, which is said to be more shocking than here, and the banyan tree is more domineering! But I decided to leave it for the next time, otherwise there is no excuse to come next time? (The fact was I lost my way…)

If no one told me ,I really have no way to connect Anping Castle with the Netherlands! The Anping Castle was built by the Dutch army . They felt that they should build a castle belonging to their Netherlands, the Former Fort Zeelandia.

A short distance from Anping Fort, there is a hidden Japanese-style dormitory. Taiwan was deeply influenced by Japanese culture during the Japanese occupation period, and there are also many buildings left over from Japanese. This is one of them.

I have to say that Taiwan ’s greening is doing very well. If didn’t Google Map tell me it was there, I couldn’t find the path hidden among trees.

This is Taiwan Salt Japanese-style dormitory. This was originally a dormitory for high-level personnel in salt factory during the Japanese occupation. Later, due to the decline of the salt industry, it was deserted and no one used it. The Tainan City Government decided to rebuild it follow its old appearance , then have the Japanese-style dormitory now.

The thick Japanese style here really gives the illusion of being in Japan! If it is a rainy day, make a pot of tea and sit on the gallery to see the rain. It must be a good feeling ~ the house can be entered, but remember to take off your shoes!

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