Maybe only Taiwanese would make salt so artistic

Everyone knows salt as seasoning, right? Maybe sometimes would use for body scrubs, or use for some small experiments, even though salt is still that white salt. But in Taiwan it is made into art!

In Tainan, there is a Sio House. The salt in it has 366 colors. Each color corresponds to a day of the year, as well as the birthday characteristics and meaning of the day. Would you find your birthday color salt?

Maybe you would feel the name so strange ?In fact, Sio is the Japanese means of salt, here also name as Salt Museum. It used to be a salt factory.

You can see the very healing birthday colored salt as soon as you enter the door.In addition to the colored salt in small plates, it is also made into ice crystal columns, which is convenient for gifting or buying to commemorate!

There are also some edible salt in the store, but do you think it is as simple as salt? They said they don’t want to be so featureless, even if they are salt, they must be the superb salt!

The salt here is not just salty, but also curry, plum, garlic, and bonito! Allows you to buy fewer seasonings when cooking!

Do you think they just salt balls? Wrong, they are eggs! See the hammer next to it? Don’t worries, pick it up and smash it, of course, settle the payment before smashing!

They are cooked eggs wrapped in sea salt , then baked at a low temperature. When you eat it, it has a faint taste of sea ~

Salt ice cream is also sold outdoors in the backyard. If you are interested, taste it ~

Opening hours 10: 00 ~ 18: 00, Saturday will be extended to 19:00, free visit!

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