Rainbow Village, a village painted by rainbow grandpa

In the evening, I arrived this small village with a fairy tale. Although it is a village, only one family still lives here. This is the old grandfather who painted this small village, all people call him rainbow grandpa.

Originally this small village was to be demolished, but the grandpa ’s painting on the wall was loved by the locals. They initiated the protection of the village, and they succeed, the small village was preserved. Now it has become an internationally renowned tourist attraction, and many tourists around the world come and visit here.

The village is small, but almost every space is with lovely painting. Even the floor did not let go, showing the grandfather how enjoy in painting! Although he already over 90 years old ,but he still keep the children’s simplicity!

Walking into the small village seems to have entered the fairy tale world, everything is so unreal, just like Alice in wonderland.

There is a grass courtyard outside the Rainbow Village, you must spray anti-mosquito liquid before you come. The anti-mosquito liquid must special against Taiwan black mosquitoes ,which sell in Taiwan local supermarket!

I didn’t know that at all before I came, didn’t do any protect. The black mosquitoes were extremely toxic, I almost mad by bearing the itching in the following days!

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